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The NFL’s Fairytale of Los Angeles

Let’s step outside the Delaware Valley for a second, shall we? The big off-the-field news this week is that the Buffalo Bills have reupped their lease with Ralph Wilson Stadium for another seven years. That means they’ll stay put in Western New York until at least through 2019. With the stadium deal going through in Minnesota, the list of prospective teams to relocate to Los Angeles seems to be dwindling down to one, the Jacksonville Jaguars.

My question is why?

Los Angeles is a lucrative television market. It’s the second largest metropolitan area in the United States with over 17 million people in its expanded metropolitan area. There are a lot of television sets and a lot of people who would buy tickets if a team were to land there. Then again, it’s not like LA has been a booming area in the last 20 years. It’s pretty much been an urban …

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Andrew Bynum Injury Woes Continue

Andrew Bynum on the 76ers BenchAround and around we go on the Andrew Bynum wheel of fortune. The fortune the Philadelphia 76ers are paying him to ride the bench that is. The seven-foot center was acquired by the Sixers in a four-team deal also involving the Lakers, Magic, and the Nuggets. This multi-team deal sent one of the biggest love/hate athletes in Philadelphia, Andre Iguodala, to the Nuggets. But does that deal have the potential to crash and burn in the faces of all Sixers fans?

Obviously it is way to early in the season to tell. Mainly because the Sixers have only played nine games and have a modest 5-4 record. But the fresh news out of the Sixers office is that Bynum has another surprise for fans. His …

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