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Eagles Fantasy Focus: Quarterbacks

The Eagles Quarterbacks in mini camp.NFL training camps will open in two weeks but for fantasy football managers the preparation has already started. Studying stats and mock-drafts are a mid-summer necessity if you wish to collect trophies, prizes and bragging rights come Week 16. As a champion and 14-year veteran of multiple leagues, I’d like to give Eagles fans my thoughts on this upcoming season from a fantasy point of view. This is the first installment of a positional break-down and projection for first-year coach Chip Kelly and the 2013 Philadelphia Eagles.


Anything can happen in training camp but obviously Michael Vick is the favorite to open the season under center. Chip Kelly may not name a starter until the week before the opening game which could cause Vick’s draft value to drop. His potential in Kelly’s up-tempo offense, with plays …

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New Coaches, New Players, New Identity for Eagles

Chip Kelly's biggest test for the beginning of training camp for the Eagles is determining who between Michael Vick & Nick Foles will start.The primordial mini camp under first year head coach Chip Kelly began in Philadelphia on June 4th, and already has that ‘new-camp’ smell. Gone are fast food Fridays, closed practices, and that jolly green walrus. Even the pace of practice has changed, as numerous players have commented on the new fast-paced practice scheme. Music blares from PA systems as the Eagles go through daily practices, but these aren’t the only changes permeating Philadelphia’s favorite franchise.

Chip Kelly and Andy Reid are antithetic down to their base philosophies. Where Reid instituted physical …

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Michael Vick As The Eagles Quarterback? So What?

Given health and protection, it’s possible that Michael Vick can do more things in Chip Kelly’s offense than Nick Foles or Matt Barkley. But, so what?After signing a new contract with the Philadelphia Eagles, the quarterback stood before reporters knowing he had something to prove to his new coach.  Last season he passed for 17 touchdowns, threw 20 interceptions and had a 70.2 QB rating, making the terms of the new contract a bit puzzling.  But the veteran spoke to the media with conviction.  “I’ve got tremendous faith in my ability,” he said.  “I expect to be there opening day. But I’ve got to do that on the field.  It’s not going to …

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Can Chip Kelly Take the Eagles & the Fanbase Into the Next Era?

Chip Kelly has the chance to bring the Eagles back to greatness.Having gone to Eagles games since 1978, I can say with full confidence that this is the most exciting off-season since Hurricane Buddy blew into town. Chip Kelly has a rather large task in front of him. He has to change the mindset of a fan base that has been beaten into submission by the Andy Reid Era. For 14 seasons we were subjected to a weekly demonstration of trying to fit Square Pegs into Round Holes.

Since taking over in January, Chip, and his offense that he employed at Oregon, has been scrutinized, and put under the microscope by every analyst, talk show host, columnist, and bar patron in Eagles Nation.  ‘How can he …

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Chip Kelly Philadelphia’s ‘Hero’? Too Early to Tell; But Getting a ‘Good Feeling’

Chip Kelly is starting his first training camp as the Eagles Head Coach.As NFL rookie camps concluded over the weekend, we now look ahead to the next item on the NFL’s offseason agenda. The penultimate of offseason workout events, the first Offseason Team Activites, or OTA’s, kicked off Monday morning and had a new, distinctive, feel compared to the mini-camps run by Andy Reid for over a decade. The players took the field at the NovaCare complex in South Philadelphia to the sounds of Chip Kelly’s playlist, including such gems as “Turn Me On” by David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj, “Hero” by Nas, and “Good Feeling” by Flo-Rida. While the self-proclaimed “Harajuku Barbie’s” vocalization may seem out of place, the players seem to like …

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Post NFL Draft Q&A: Shaping the Potential Eagles Roster

What kind of impact will Lane Johnson have on the Eagles this season?With off-season workouts well under way, and the NFL draft in the rear view mirror, lets reflect on the draft, and make some projections for the upcoming season. We asked contributor and Eagles/NFL Draft Writer for Josh Collacchi, and HighPhive leading Eagles contributor/sports analyst for 91.3 WVUD Ben Haley on their thoughts about the Eagles draft.

Q: Lane Johnson of Oklahoma was drafted fourth overall and became the Eagles first round pick on April 25th. How does Johnson fit on the current offensive line for the Eagles? And what does the acquisition of Johnson mean for the future of Danny Watkins, Todd Herremans, and Jason …

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Value-Scoring the 2013 NFL Draft

Lane Johnson with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell after being named the #1 Draft Pick for the Philadelphia Eagles.The three day NFL Draft event is complete and many analysts have already submitted grades for teams as well as individual selections.  Admittedly, it’s a bit unfair to judge a team’s draft and their respective selections so early, before players have a chance to prove their worth on an NFL football field.   Instead, it may be better to grade the draft based on relative value (although, perhaps no less ambiguous).

Earlier, I created a draft model based on chaos theory principles and ran the simulation 1,000 times.  One of the byproducts of that simulation was an average draft position (ADP) for each player.  My …

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2013 NFL Draft Recap: The Philadelphia Eagles

Matt Barkley's Twitter picture after he was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in the 4th Round.No draft since 1999 has brought such hype and expectation to the Philadelphia Eagles. Chip Kelly, Howie Roseman, and Tom Gamble took the reins of the Eagles organization, and laid the framework for the Chip Kelly era in the draft. Prior to the draft, the Birds’ team needs were vast at : OL, CB, S, DE, TE, DT, and LB respectively. Through the draft, Kelly and his staff picked out diamonds in the rough in seemingly each of the six rounds they drafted in while addressing many of the team’s needs and finding great value with each selection.

The first round of the draft was very eventful for the Eagles, as Chip …

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Final 1st Round Mock Draft for 2013 NFL Draft

Luke Joeckel is projected to be the Number 1 pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.Below is my projection for the first round of the 2013 NFL draft. The order is dictated by team need as well as player talent, and no trades are involved.

2013 NFL Draft Projection:

1. Kansas City Chiefs- Luke Joeckel, OT Texas A&M – With a trade for LT Brandon Albert reportedly in the works with the Dolphins, the Chiefs will solidify their offensive line here.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars- Eric Fisher, OT Central Michigan- Fisher has  sparked the Jaguars’ interest, and should be a starter from day one.

3. Oakland Raiders- Shariff Floyd, DT Florida- Floyd is a dominant run stopping talent, and can fit a variety of schemes. The Raiders could …

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2013 NFL Draft Prospect Rankings: QB

USC's Matt  Barkley is the #1 Ranked Quarterback for the 2013 NFL DraftFrom now until the NFL Draft, I will be watching tape and analyzing each and every player on these rankings. Expect a list of QB, RB, WR, TE, OT, OG/C, DE,DT, OLB, ILB, CB, S all to be out from now until late April, and a big board coming soon which will be updated as I see draft stock moving. The most important position in sports is QB, and unfortunately for the Eagles and some other teams, there is not a sure-fire franchise QB this year.

1. Matt Barkley, USC

If Matt Barkley came out last year, he may have been drafted in the top 10 by the Miami Dolphins instead of

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