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76ers Final Weekend Is a Winning One over Wizards & Cavaliers

Jrue Holiday led the 76ers to two victories this weekend over Cleveland & Washington.With the NBA regular season coming to an end the Philadelphia 76ers (33-47) have nothing but pride to play for. They’re playing to finish strong in a season where it seems that nothing has gone right. From the mess that has been the Andrew Bynum trade, to Jason Richardson getting hurt, to Jrue Holiday going 2-24 shooting in a game, to Doug Collins murky future with the team , nothing has been easy this season and it certainly hasn’t played out like they thought it would back in the fall.

Friday night, in Washington against the Wizards (29-51), the 76ers, again, fell behind by 13 …

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Philadelphia 76ers Preview for March 4-10

Jrue Holiday needs to find his shot if the Philadelphia 76ers are to have any chance in the week ahead.The 76ers have had a rough go of late. Since February 9th they’re 1-8 with a 7 game losing streak, one lucky win over the Golden State Warriors and then a meltdown against John Wall and the Washington Wizards. This upcoming week doesn’t look very good either. It actually looks plain nasty.  Three of their four games this week are against playoff teams Boston, Atlanta, and the defending champion Miami Heat.

Tuesday March 5, 2013

Vs. Boston Celtics (31-27) in Philadelphia 7:00 pm

The Celtics are the most hated Philadelphia rival and this current version has done nothing to ease that hatred.

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Evan Turner leads the 76ers to a 104-97 victory over the Warriors

Evan Turner put the Philadelphia 76ers on his back Saturday night to end their 7 game losing streak against the Golden State Warriors.Maybe this was the eye opener that Doug Collins needed or maybe this will cloud his vision even more. Last night in Philadelphia the 76ers (23-34) finally snapped their 7 game losing streak with a 104-97 victory over the Golden State Warriors (33-27). With Nick Young out with an ankle sprain, Evan Turner was free to play like he did earlier in the season and t paid off for the 76ers as Turner finished the game one assist shy of a triple double.  Turner finished with 22 points, …

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76ers are “Competitive” but Fall to the Bulls 93-82

Carlos Boozer looks to drive while being defended by Spencer Hawes in the 76ers loss to the Chicago Bulls Thursday night.You know that you’ve reached the end of the line when the coach is using the word “competitive”. It’s over for the 76ers and it’s time to let it go. Last night in Chicago the Bulls (33-25) handed the 76ers (22-34) their seventh straight loss 93-82 behind Joakim Noah‘s triple double (23 points, 21 rebounds, 11 blocks). Think about that for a second. Noah had a triple double with 11 blocks and over 20 rebounds.  The 76ers have a way of making mediocre to good players look like they’re the second coming of Wilt …

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76ers Show No Life in Losing to the Magic 98-84

Thaddeus Young attempts to defend in the Philadelphia 76ers' loss to the Orlando Magic Tuesday night.The good news is that Nikola Vucevic and Maurice Harkless played well Tuesday night as the 76ers lost 98-84 to the Orlando Magic. The bad news is that they did it while playing for the Orlando Magic. Vucevic had his way with Spencer Hawes and Lavoy Allen all night and finished with 12 points, 19 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 blocked shot.  Harkless had 10 points. Those are good totals for two guys that were supposed to be playing for the 76ers this year. As the 76ers (22-33) played their usual poor game against a, should have been worse, Orlando …

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76ers WITNESS Lebron and the Heat Losing 114-90 at Home

LeBron James drives to the basket in the Miami Heat victory over the Philadelphia 76ers Saturday night.When you’re hunting, you set up a good bait and lure in your prey. Last night, the Miami Heat (39-14) let the hometown Philadelphia 76ers (22-31) feel like this was going to be a game. Nick Young, Evan Turner, and Jrue Holiday all looked good to start the game and the 76ers took a very early lead. While they were playing well to start, the defending champion Heat were just searching for which who was going to join LeBron James in the  destruction. Dwyane Wade stepped up and took that role, helping destroy the 76ers 114-90 …

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76ers Start Their Playoff Push with 94-87 loss to the Timberwolves

76ers coach Doug Collins watched his team lose to the Minnesota Timberwolves and put them further back in the race for a playoff spot.It’s the start of the “second half” of the NBA season, with 31 games to go, and the 76ers were looking to kick it off with a good start, something that’s eluded them for most of their games this year. Wednesday night was no different than the first part of the season has been. The 76ers (22-30) fell behind right away to the Timberwolves (20-31) and never held the lead, struggled to fight back, and ultimately couldn’t overcome their early mistakes in losing 94-87 in Minnesota.

In what has become painfully obvious over …

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76ers stumble in to the All-Star break losing 94-92 to the Bucks

Monta Ellis and Nick Young jockey for a ball during the Bucks win over the 76ers Wednesday night.The 76ers season, hopefully, can be rescued with some rest and time away. In what has become an all too familiar story, the team couldn’t hold on to a lead and close out a game. Wednesday night, in their last game before the All-Star break, the 76ers (22-29) couldn’t hold on and lost 94-92 to the Milwaukee Bucks (26-25) who are now 4 games above the 76ers for the eighth and final playoff spot in the east, with only 51 games to go.

As a team, the 76ers need to find a way to play a complete game. A full 48 minutes. It’s just not happening this year. The first quarter was the best as they finished with a ten point lead, but …

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Things ARE worse as the 76ers lose to Indiana 88-69

Paul George shoots over Evan Turner in the 76ers loss to the Pacers 88-69.Someone needs to knock some sense in to Doug Collins.

It’s obvious that something has to change or else the 76ers need to get a coach who can get something out of this roster. After last nights embarrassing 88-69 loss to the Indiana Pacers (31-19) the hometown 76ers (21-27) look as lost as they ever have been.

The team can not sit around and hope that Andrew Bynum somehow finds it in his heart to play for the team, if he has any heart at all. (Which is questionable, right now.) Jrue Holiday is the leader and a breakout star in this league amongst point guards but when …

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Philadelphia 76ers able to hold off Wizards 92-84

Jrue Holiday led the way for the Philadelphia 76ers again with a victory over the Washington Wizards.Take out Jason Richardson (injury) and Lavoy Allen (not good) and the 76ers are playing like a different team. Mix that in with Nick Young suddenly embracing the fact that he might have to do more than just shoot the ball in order to play in the NBA and you have a suddenly successful 76ers team that beat the Wizards 92-84 last night.

Let’s not overlook the fact that the 76ers (19-26) were playing the lowly Washington Wizards (11-33), but the overall play of the team was better than it has been of late. As it always does, the team follows …

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